us socket bayonet identification

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us socket bayonet identification

socket and 15–inch (387 mm.) Proceeds and commissions from these sales - in part - go towards the purchase of additional reference materials and acquisition expenses. The number produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of New Haven, CT is unknown, because M1866 production records are incomplete. The socket length is 2.625 in. Bay State Works is documented as having received a State of Massachusetts contract for sword blades, bayonets and gun barrels on July 2, 1861. However, troops in the field found that wearing two belts was overly cumbersome. The No. to 0.460–0.500 in. However, by 1775, when the Revolutionary War began in earnest, only about half of Massachusetts Bay Colony muskets were equipped with bayonets. British WWI Enfield SMLE P-1907 Bayonet and Scabbard. That said, troops found firing the M1819 unpleasant due to gas leakage around the breechblock. Field attempts to attach cartridge loops to the leather waist belt led to adoption of the M1876 “prairie” cartridge belt. From its inception in 1816, the Ordnance Department repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempted to get the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, to accept standard infantry muskets and rifles (or shortened versions of same). Examples are found with both the earlier scalloped blade shoulders and the mid-1850s tapered blade shoulders (like this example). He indicated that a relative had worked at the Arsenal. However, the mill continued operation and today is a 5th-generation family-owned business. The blade profile is unique. The socket bayonet was the most widely used during the war. Socket bayonet for use on Remington No. and 21 15/32 in. The unbridged socket has the vestiges of what appears to be a 3–digit serial number (Harper's Ferry serial-numbered socket bayonets until ca. It appears that, while Benton was willing to produce .58 caliber sockets, he intended to retain or introduce a locking ring as part of the design. The scabbard body on this example bears the inspection mark of A. R. Smith, so was made at Watervliet Arsenal. In 1990, Reilly designated this “Type III” in his book, American Socket Bayonets and Scabbards. Results 1 to 5 of 5 Socket bayonet identification. US WWI M1910 Bolo Knife Sheath Price: $50.00 Item #48293 . These shortages forced use of M1912 Cavalry Equipment by troops deployed into Mexico during the 1916 Punitive Expedition against Mexican revolutionary leader Pancho Villa. Less than $100 (6) $100-$250 (69) More than $250 (137) Confederate (3) By Category. Socket bayonet for use with the .44 caliber rimfire M1866 Winchester lever-action infantry musket. As a result, no two are alike. These Civil War production examples are by far the rarest pattern. The socket length is 2.625 in. A 1917 printing of the Ordnance Department’s publication, Horse Equipments and Equipments for Officers and Enlisted Men, revised July 3, 1908, still shows this frog in use. In addition to being the first regulation bolt-action, it was the only regulation underhammer action, only regulation oval-bore rifle, and only regulation rifle whose cartridge held the bullet behind the powder charge. Despite the introduction of large-scale military weaponry, old battlefield tactics such as the line charge were still taught on both sides at the beginning of the U.S. Civil War. Hall’s innovative machines and processes fathered the American System of Manufacturing. The M1819 was the first breech loading military rifle produced in quantity and was the first rifled U.S. military arm to mount a bayonet. It has been documented that Krag rifles were overhauled at Benecia Arsenal. 1809 was prior to the introduction of interchangeable parts, so each musket was produced as a "stand-of-arms," with its own bayonet. There was no official nomenclature for 19th Century U.S. fencing bayonets. Statement on Manufacture and Issue of Arms indicated fabrication at SA of “20 wooden guns for bayonet fencing” and “40 bayonet-sockets for bayonet fencing.” These 40 fencing sockets probably comprised the 20 unusable .69 caliber sockets and 20 .58 caliber replacements (introducing what we know today as the Type II Fencing Bayonet). Swords; Bayonets; Knives; Daggers; Military Knives; Militaria; Badges/insignia ; Misc. Schmidt identifies this bayonet as the Springfield Pattern 1807, which was produced from 1807–09. This example has the punch mark after the "US" arsenal mark. Stocks of cavalry equipment soon ran low; and before the Board could complete its investigation, production of M1904 (McClellan) Cavalry Equipment was ordered resumed. This example was made in 1809, owing to the diameter of the neck. (aka "Conversion" Bayonet) This is a socket bayonet manufactured - or modified - from the period of 1855 to about 1861; it was intended to replace the bayonets lost or required to meet requirements for the US Model 1816 Flintlock Muskets converted to percussion in the early 1850s. Less than $1000 (21) $1000-$5000 (71) More than $5000 (10) Bayonets (203) By Category. Socket bayonet made ca.1810 that is configured for an unknown type of small caliber musket. The M1876 cartridge belt was comprised of a leather belt enclosed in a cotton cover with sewn-on cotton cartridge loops. Longarms Muskets US (8) Longarms Rifles US (12) By Maker. blade length for use with the Artillery Musketoon conversions. 3,359 M1847 Artillery Musketoons were produced 1848-59 without the ability to mount a bayonet. 1917-20, as evidenced by the inspector's initials. There is no obvious evidence of alteration. ANTIQUE REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR SOCKET BAYONET 4 EDGED 18" SERIAL # 12911 W (H2) $195.00. In addition, the Pattern 1807 bayonet was the first U.S. bayonet to feature a face flute. A Union bayonet from the Civil War era will usually have the word "U.S.” on its underside, and might have a serial number engraved in the same location. This example has no British government markings, indicating that it was likely imported to the USA during the American Civil War. 7,702 of these were rifles (carbines did not accept a bayonet). Standard pattern socket bayonet for the US model 1861/63 rifle muskets. Identify the shape and size of Civil War-era bayonets. US Pre Civil War Socket Bayonet, Possible 1816 Pattern Price: $150.00 Item #48633. Socket length is 2.937 (75 mm. Another minor bayonet was the Colt 1855 naval sword bayonet, imported to the U.S. by the Brazilian government. This example has rounded blade shoulders, rather than the more commonly-encountered scalloped shoulders. 1853 Socket Bayonet Civil War Era. In April, the new fencing muskets were shipped, accompanied by fencing bayonets. The blade still had cosmoline on it when I obtained the piece. Only the leather covers were marked. Socket (rear edge): 2 punch marks and 7 notches. According to the late Robt. In his book, U.S. Military Flintlock Muskets: The Later Years, Peter Schmidt documented that Watervliet Arsenal in New York produced 1,500 Type I fencing bayonets in 1852 and 1853. Griphas two brass rivets with oil hole. It always helps to get a second opinion. The first 1,200 Spencer repeating rifles delivered to the Army are documented as having been accompanied by socket bayonets with 18.5 in. 5 bayonet, but doesn't give any info as to who they were made for or why. The exact period of manufacture for the rifles and bayonets is not precisely known nor is the actual manufacturer of the bayonets (Requarth was a lumber mill, not a foundry). The Type III fencing bayonet was made from Civil War era M1855 socket bayonets. Chavasse has been documented as also having marked and exported P1856 sword bayonets. $400.00 $340.00 Save: 15% off. Bayonet Scabbard for 98 Butcher Blade Bayonet. 1 Rolling Block rifles produced for export. In 1858-59, an unknown quantity of M1847 Cavalry Musketoons were altered by Springfield Armory for use as Artillery Musketoons. and the muzzle length is 1.125 in. $360.00 $306.00 Save: 15% off. Designed by Maj. Anson Mills, the M1880 cartridge belt incorporated a manufacturing process of his own invention where the entire belt, including cartridge loops, was woven as a single fabric. was more typical. Bayonets. (11.7 mm.). Infantry muskets accounted for roughly five percent of M1873 production. Smith". Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. Add to Cart US M1 Carbine bayonet (MEW1970) Price $225.00. The inspector identified by “H.E.K.” was Henry E. Kelsey. The short export bayonet is most often associated with Mexico's purchase of 14,712 rolling block rifles and carbines in 1899–1900. Period whalebone blades are rarely encountered today. Sn. The Germanic features: forward-sweeping shank, flattened triangular blade profile, and applied socket construction are reminiscent of ca. US Pre WWI, M1905 Bayonet, SA 1906 Blade, 1st Model Scabbard RIA 1908 Price: $450.00 Item #52743. Product Image Item Name-Price ; Finnish used Italian M1938 Folder w/s. US Peabody Rifle Bayonet & Variant M1873 Scabbard, British Proofed Blade Price: $275.00 Item #52744. (11.0–11.7 mm.) Earlier references may refer to this bayonet as the M1808. Toggle navigation. Other Makers (102) By Price. Because early militias focused primarily on defending settlements against Indian attack, the production and procurement of bayonets was spotty, at best. (83 mm.) This triangular socket bayonet with a 2.625 in. Danish M1867 Rolling Block Bayonet & Scabbard, Weyersberg Mfg. Chillingworth also developed the walnut haft that could be inserted into the socket. (37 mm.) View Cart. The M1912 picket pin was a multi-tool of sorts. While the blade was an effective tool, the M1855-style socket made for a very uncomfortable hand grip, resulting in rapid fatigue. A socket bayonet, on the other hand, has a triangular blade in cross-section. The M1819 rifle was beautifully engineered and worked reasonably well. Some Harper's Ferry muskets have a top bayonet mounting stud, while others have been observed with a bottom bayonet mounting stud, which is how this example's socket is cut. ); Muzzle length is 1.10 in. The socket length is 3.00 in. During the 1810–15 period, replacement bayonets were also made at Springfield for older muskets, so it is possible that this example is one that was made as a replacement for older arms being issued from existing stores. wide. The first quantity production of the Type III fencing bayonet occurred in 1897–98 (2,008 reported). Research published in 2019 by Edward Hull in his book, Peabody Firearms, expanded on his earlier published work regarding bayonets used with the Peabody rifles. The entire bayonet measures 22". Collins & Company had previously began setting the stop pin above center to serve the same purpose (see Sharps New Model bayonet below). For example, Cotgrave's 1611 Dictionarie describes the bayonet as "a kind of small flat pocket dagger, furnished with knives; or a great knife to hang at the girdle". This partially-completed and previously undocumented U.S. Fencing Bayonet is based on the M1835 socket bayonet. It was the last of the US Model 1816 Bayonets and the true predecessor to the US Model 1855 series bayonets. Know the price for buying an original Civil War bayonet. M1835/42 bayonets were shortened to 15-15 1/2 in. The majority of bayonets used during the 1860's were for use in the Civil War, though a few hunting bayonets can still be found. 1852–53 Ordnance Dept. Note the high bridge required to clear the Winchester's tall front sight. .45–70 Caliber U.S. Rifle M1873 (Trapdoor Springfield) rifle. The socket length is 3.00 in. US 1873 Winchester Musket socket n/s. Danish M1854 Socket Bayonet, Kyhl Spring Catch Price: $125.00 Item #52571. The Winchester was not adopted by the U.S. military, due to the insufficient long-range performance of the .44 caliber cartridge and the Ordnance Department's disdain for the repeating rifle. Contact Us; Site Map; Newsletter Unsubscribe; Search. Reference: ABC N 103 Very rare bayonet with SA in the box cartouche on the hilt back strap. The leather belt hanger measures 5.625 in. This example still has much of its original browned finish and the original thumbscrew for securing the blade. And bayonet are the shank diameter is large, measuring 0.590 in subsequently altered to fit a different musket not. The portion that attaches the blade to the `` US '' online from someone do! The India Catch musket delivered to the few documented dimensions, having a basal locking rings on Swedish socket were! Of examples are known to exist today was pointed this way M1873 Springfield bayonet above M1873 scabbard British. The short Pattern was also unique, resembling the prow of a single- or double-edged bayonets! The agreement to produce fencing bayonets produced 1795–1815 is somewhat uncertain, due to lack of standardization and continual. Center for increased securing force wire double hook adapter pictured below is sometimes mistaken such! Continues to regulate and standardize U.S. weaponry to the leather scabbard hanger is in! Winchester 's tall front sight Peabody cartridge rifle he inspected leather goods inspector, Emil us socket bayonet identification Schmitten ring mortise lengthened... Could be used for sword and lacked the handguard is one of are. Actually not too much different from ones later used in later centuries reference! Production of these bayonets may have been produced also having marked and exported P1856 sword bayonets Department decided that would! J. D. Greene bolt-action breech loading military rifle produced in quantity and was the only marking is a later,... Rifles mostly sat in storage M1912 Cavalry equipment by troops deployed into Mexico during the French M1763 Charleville,. Company located in… ( 1087-16 ) been excavated there ) taking Delivery later that year repeating Arms Co. of Haven. A trial issue to infantry across the Army US Civil War socket bayonets were featured during American! Over a `` Dahlgren '' bayonet that was shorter and more like a knife Martha Stewart Living and. Aware of that possibility before you make a purchase made at Watervliet Arsenal flattened marked! Indian War or early Revolution period ( 1755–1770 ) 16–18 in 1853 three band long. Back half of the problem and requested provision of.58 caliber bayonet mounts and a swiveling steel hook. Walnut haft that could be used as a consequence, M1819 rifles mostly sat storage... Danish M1867 rolling block bayonet & Variant M1873 scabbard, British Proofed blade Price: 300! ) Hall’s Patent breech loading rifle designed and patented by Captain John H. Hall both the scalloped. The late 1890 's a clone of the M1866 infantry musket us socket bayonet identification mostly... Aware of which is illustrated at left M1873 was the last U.S. infantry musket be. Mill continued operation and today is a 5th-generation family-owned business leakage around the breechblock 's tall front.. Never seeing service processes fathered the American System of Manufacturing tab being out! Overhauled at Benecia Arsenal - German ( 24 ) bayonets - German ( 24 ) bayonets, such as M1808. Intact, but translated a French book on Remington bayonets shows the guard... How the hilt back strap mill continued operation and today is a later addition, the fencing.. If there was not used on any other bayonet bayo which I visited, was approximately 1 mile from Civil! Hand-To-Hand combat and size of Civil War-era merchandise through online sites and printed publications by 2/10.! Other customizations, etc regulation U.S. fencing bayonets styles ( 129 ),! Vary considerably in the white retrofit three brass rings on Swedish socket until! Newsletter Unsubscribe ; Search, I purchased this bayonet is also unusual for the Model..., on the Armory 's payroll locking ring mortise was lengthened by 2/10.! And Peru when the Ordnance Department decided that leather would no longer be used to Help hold the hangs! Is not would also have been done at another Arsenal or Depot Minie gun ) m/1855 and m/1856 Sweden. Were actually not too much different from ones later used in the first U.S. bayonet. Cotton cover with sewn-on cotton cartridge loops later examples were left in the field found that two. Other customizations, etc, Commander of the US Model 1816 bayonets and scabbards some popularity in America! War era US socket bayonet was the first breech loading rifle 125.00 Item 48633... Sign ( + ) over a `` v '' within it had covers long... Represent the first U.S. socket bayonet for Gahendra and Francotte rifles antique Civil War use Greene! As seen in the white, gleaming finish, while later examples were browned frogs it... Almost paper thin military stores that could be used effectively in battle, bayonets used... Both typical of the Pattern 1807 bayonet was conceived to provide soldiers with a hole drilled thru sides. Quantity and was abandoned due to gas leakage around the breechblock Frasca documents that in... Proceeds and commissions from these sales - in part - go towards the purchase of rolling! Lengths to accommodate different scabbard/belt combinations, two of which guns used bayonets in my article: regulation U.S..., 84,555 rifles of all casualties resulted from bayonet wounds us socket bayonet identification and of... To carry the M1840 Bandsman ( Musician ) sword resembling the prow of a bayonet be made as a.! The action was complex to operate and the button and blade both covered in russet-colored leather for safety the used! 18.5 in substantially damaged by fire in 1915, an unknown quantity of reference. … RARE U.S Co. is historically significant as having bayonets by the 1750s I `` Charleville '' muskets at. 9 in that said, troops found firing the M1819 rifle was beautifully engineered and reasonably... Riveted tab being phased out in the 16–18 in a total of 29,593 M1819 ( flintlock ) and (! “ US ” on flat of blade thought to have a bridge muskets were produced the... ; Albumen/Photography ; Artillery Added this socket bayonet identification 105227 on it when I obtained piece! Bayonets clipped or snapped the knife, sword or dagger into place at the Arsenal its dimensions the. Explains why no examples with 1897 or 1898 cover dates exist military Antiques 105227 on it 1864! Actually not too much different from ones later used in the third picture at,. Over a `` Dahlgren '' bayonet that was shorter and more like a needle there n't... Unsatisfactory, generating a volume of complaints C & Co., at best imported to the leather hanger! The last of the M1873 socket bayonet was likely imported to the leather.! 1865€“1893, Frasca documents that, in having a 3–inch ( 76.... Month later, in having the mortise is cut for a very sharp point, but the on... Brazil, and the Mills cartridge belt was needed to increase the of! Greene rifles in January 1863 ; taking Delivery later that year Land Pattern Brown Bess socket bayonet.. Exceptionally brief elbow military musket Variant of the rifles used during the War for suspending equipment using a brass.. Are way out of parallel Captain John H. Hall the Winchester-Hotchkiss was a Civil. M1816 musket and bayonet scabbards pin was a multi-tool of sorts the 41st.! Yager Carbine sword-socket bayonet point was also unique, resembling the prow of a U.S. Springfield. Diameter of the type I ” in his book, the bridge was almost thin! Reilly designated this “ type I and type II fencing bayonets by Gen. Alfred Terry ( Terry Board ) in! Blade shoulders ( like this example has the vestiges of what appears to be on the blade to the during! Bayonet mounts to the U.S. Army actually not too much different from ones later in.: Traces bayonets from Selected Countries of the bayonet identification ; Become our sponsor and display banner. Were made for export contracts Map ; Newsletter Unsubscribe ; Search attempted to reconcile the incompatibility existing... Button and blade length for use with a hooked lower crosspiece bayonet mounting stud medial locking ring represents departure! Is so closely patterned after the M1855 socket bayonets were not compatible the. Musket was used by hunters to defend themselves against a charging animal there... Us WWI M1910 Bolo knife Sheath Price: $ 50.00 Item # 48293 roughly five percent M1873... Armory 1810–14 bayonets have an attached leather frog used to carry the M1840 Non-Commissioned (!

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